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It’s Been A While!!!

About 20 or so days ago it dawned on me I’ve been creating some of the most important images of my life with out even knowing! Here’s the start of my project/task to compile and capture OUR special moment together.

Here’s what I first thought…

Today, 8th September 2015, I realised I’ve been doing a photographic project for years without even knowing it!!!

Women in power, women in love, women in pain, women in need, women giving, women growing, women living. the women in my life have been the biggest influence on me and given me some of the best times in my life and photographic career without me even realising! Whether they trained with me, worked with me, assisted me, posed for me, carried bags and stands for me, or just happened to be with me when I spotted some nice lighting and they ended up in the image, they influenced what I saw through the viewfinder and captured in the image.

They shared tears, laughter, stories, confidences and secrets with me. I shared a part of myself with them too. That special second, moment, instant we shared meant something to us both, loved it, hated it, whatever, it meant something in that time. It brought us together. I saw you in that moment like no one else ever did or ever will. You were beautiful, you were perfect, you were vulnerable, you were powerful, you were what I needed.

So today, 27th September, I’m sharing some images of my oldest and probably my closest friend. Well once I’ve shared these she may not consider me a friend 😉
We’ve known each other over 33 years. We have birthdays a week or so apart. We went to the same primary school, same secondary school, we shared many major events in our lives, got drunk too often together, we know far too many secrets about each other that we could never really not be friends anymore for fear of what might come out! We were both pregnant with our first child at the same time, both having sons surprisingly just over a week part. We can speak to each other multiple times in one day, then not speak for weeks, we can see each other every week then months and months can pass when we don’t meet up.

The lucky ones among us have a friendship like this, a friendship that covers years, decades, lifetimes.

She didn’t want to pose for these, but doing her duty as a faithful friend she posed for my “lighting” test as she had many times over the past 18 or so years, whether it was a bare lamp light bulb for lighting, a street light at 11pm at night, or her feet covered in glitter, petals and Lego (long story you had to be there!!) she gave her time and we laughed and gossiped and reminisced and laughed a bit more!! Thank you Mel you are beautiful inside and out!!

Mel Mel


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